The risen Christ appears among us — despite our locked hearts, our fears, our attempts to hide — and says, “Peace.”  Senior Pastor Ed Moore, Associate Pastor Cheryl Marszalek, and the loving congregation of the Uniontown Church of the Brethren invite and welcome you to worship with us in that same spirit of peace.  
9:30 AMSunday school classes for all ages

10:30 AMMorning Worship

     The doors of our church opened in the “yellow” phase June 7th and continued with that phase through June 14th by dividing our congregation up into two services to accommodate the 25 person maximum capacity regulations. Happily, continuing to move forward, we phased into our “green” opening on June 21, and our church opened for our normal 10:30am worship service for everyone.

     What should we focus on as we come back into our church building? How about Celebration! We need to celebrate who we as a church have become through this pandemic. A crisis of this proportion has expanded our capacity, and we can celebrate what we have accomplished together!

     As we walk back through the doors of our sanctuary, we bring with us our cares and concerns, our joys and our sorrows. However, we are confident that our Lord and Savior touches our hearts and heals us, making us ready to become faithful disciples.

     Even though things are still little different during our worship service, and we are somewhat out of our element, all are welcome here in our sanctuary every Sunday at 10:30am to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ at 20 Robinson Street COB!

Welcome Back!
God is in control. We must be still and know that He has us in the palm of His hand.
Photos provided by Kayla Wilson